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Nest of Vipers is hosted by filmmaker Danny Plotnick. Plotnick has been making independent films for over 20 years. Comedic, weird and satirical, the films have played internationally from high falutin’ places like the Museum of Modern Art in NYC to lowlife haunts like the Golden Shower Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas. His films Steel Belted Romeos, Pillow Talk and I’m Not Fascinating—The Movie! were staples of the underground film circuit in the 90’s. Swingers’ Serenade, his titillating homage to 1950’s suburban sexuality screened on the Independent Film Channel. He has written articles about film for Filmmaker, The Independent, Release Print and University Press of Mississippi. He has written articles about music for Raygun, Your Flesh, and Village Noize. He also founded Motorbooty magazine in the 1980s.

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Nest of Vipers is engineered by Chris Xefos.
Vipers Logos illustrated by Lori Damiano.